Distressed Debt Focus

Kearny has $4.4 billion in experience as a real estate operator and developer and $2.3 billion experience in acquiring, managing and creating value with non/sub-performing loans. Kearny is very versatile and unique given both our operating/development and work-out experience.
mm’s Borrowers
1993 Kearny Street Portfolio (B of A) $1,400 120
1994 Industrial Bank of Japan Portfolio 72 1
1994 Union Bank Portfolio 240 22
2002 Heritage Corporate Center (Teachers) 55 1
2010 San Diego Short Sale (GE) 10 1
2010 Central Pacific Bank Portfolio 155 12
2011 China Trust Portfolio 196 45
2011 Far East Bank Portfolio 52 25
2012 Sun Life Portfolio 89 17
$2,269 250
* Additionally in 1997 J Dritley was lead for MSREF in buying and working out the $300mm non-performing loan on Playa Vista.
Acquisition Criteria
  • $5mm+ loans and portfolios on commercial properties, including land, in California (whole loans, mezzanine loans, participations, defaulted CFD’s and “stalking horse” BK bids)
  • $20mm+ loans on commercial properties in Western United States
  • $50mm+ portfolios with concentration on West Coast
Joint Venture – Kearny will also acquire portions of loans/portfolios and manage and own them in a joint venture structure with the seller.

Third Party Services -
Providing receivership for non-performing loans, asset and/or property management services for bank REO.