Kearny Real Estate Company has a vertically integrated dedicated team of professionals that have provided asset and property management for approximately ten million square feet of commercial space. Kearny has extensive experience in dealing with every aspect of building ownership and management and has particular expertise in evaluating properties and developing individual strategic plans for each asset utilizing its vast experience in developing and repositioning assets.  Kearny also provides third party property management for institutional and family office owners.

Kearny also adds value through the highest quality property management and tenant services. Kearny manages all of our properties in-house as we want our employees as the “touch point” for our tenants. Kearny’s objective is to achieve the highest possible rents and occupancy levels by maximizing tenant satisfaction and retention, while cost effectively managing operating expenses. Kearny actively maintains close relationships with tenants which allows greater ability to generate renewals and to address any tenant or building issues on a timely basis. Kearny’s vertical integration is highly valued by both our capital partners and our tenants.

Kearny maintains the highest level of policies and procedures related to property management and reporting. Utilizing state-of-the-art management reporting systems and technology, Kearny provides detailed oversight of tenant collections, cash management, and operating expense controls. This proactive management allows for appropriate control of operating expenses and collection of revenues without loss of tenant satisfaction.